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“In this book, Joshua Hatcher explores manhood in its purest sense and helps his readers discover what it truly means to be a man in today’s society. Though geared toward men, women can benefit greatly from Mr. Hatcher’s book as well, as it will help them to not only recognize true men and raise them one day, but apply these things to their own lives. Josh combines timeless wisdom with smart social commentary and fresh takes on old ideas, creating this inspiring and exciting masterpiece. I highly recommend reading this book, no matter your age, gender, social standing–whatever the case may be–as it will revolutionize your ideas of manhood and possibly even what it means to be an ethical and wise human being.”

“Great work by Josh Hatcher! The lessons he shares in this are extremely important – and lots of men lack these characteristics. Men need to dig deep and take responsibility for themselves, families, and ultimately, legacy. Hatcher does an incredible job in this book to help men to do just that! Take responsibility men, because there are too many boys in this world!”

“This is a phenomenal book. Josh Hatcher lays it all out about what it means to be a man and the action steps you should take to be the best man you are capable of. It is just great. I will be reading it a few more times at least. Whether you are a young boy looking for guidance or a grown man wanting to improve as a man, this book is for you. It was very well written and is a wealth of information.”

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