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Close your eyes for just a moment, and imagine what life will look like one year from now.

Will it be any different?

Do you WISH it would be different?

If your next year was a year dedicated to making your life change for the better,
what would next year look like?


Career change?

Your marriage strengthened?

Your savings built up?

Weight loss?

Habits broken?

You know where you want to be in a year.

Now, what will it take to get there?



Right now, it’s a dream. Maybe even an impossible one.
What will determine whether its possible or impossible is really your path to get there.

That’s what Change Your Life in a Year is all about. 

In the book, Josh Hatcher spells out a process for setting big goals, breaking them down into daily steps, and a system to track your progress as you work toward achieving those goals.

What does the next year look like?



You start by reading: Change Your Life in a Year by Josh Hatcher to learn about changing your mindset to a mindset ready for change. You learn about setting achievable big goals for each area of your life, and how to break them down into daily action steps.


Then you use the Change Your Life in a Year Workbook to actually start creating your goals, your monthly objectives, weekly tasks, and daily priorities. 

The Change Your Life in a Year System helps you:

  • Turn big dreams into achievable goals
  • Break goals down into smaller steps
  • Make goals in all of the important areas of your life
  • Build habits and disciplines that change your life
  • Create a system to track your success
  • Evaluate and adjust your goals throughout the year


Are you ready to change your life?
Are you ready to let go of the things you’ve held onto that are holding you back?
Are you ready to embrace the best things that you imagine for yourselves?