Fight Club: Andrew Tate, Elite Pedophiles, Priorities vs Distractions

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Welcome to Fight Club on the Manlihood ManCast
with Josh Hatcher and special guests:

Abe Hatcher

Brian Mahaney

Dan Karrasch

In this panel discussion, Josh, Abe, Brian, and Dan will talk about a number of topics of interest to men, including Karate, The Rise of Andrew Tate, Joel Bauman’s public takedown of elite pedophiles, and a personal look at how we can identify which things are distractions and which are priorities.

Dan Karrasch also discusses a series of posts he has added to the Manlihood ManCave, our private facebook group for men entitled “EDC”.

If you want background information on some of the discussions from this episode:

Tucker Carlson interviews Andrew Tate

UFC Fighter Joel Bauman recently called out Jimmy Kimmel and the Hollywood Elite over the Epstein Flight Logs