Best Podcast Episodes for Men – November 2022

This is the Manlihood podcast roundup for November, featuring podcast episodes that we have encountered that have particular relevance to men.

We’re proud of the work we do at the Manlihood ManCast, but we certainly aren’t the only podcast for men! There are many others, and we wanted to share our favorite episodes from November.

John Delony helps his listeners through many different issues, including fatherhood, and dealing with divorce

John Delony is a favorite podcast here at Manlihood. He deals with mental health issues and struggles in a way that is compassionate, but also no nonsense. We need more Dr. John Delony’s in the world.

Matt Walsh on the Joe Rogan Podcast | What is a Woman?

This podcast episode I’m sure will resonate and frustrate many people in 2022. But it illustrates a problem that needs to be addressed. Our world has gone completely mad. Matt Walsh may not be the most popular guy on the planet, but he calls out the nonsense in a way that is logical.

Matt Walsh is a political commentator, author, filmmaker, and host of “The Matt Walsh Podcast.” Stream his new documentary “What is a Woman?” at

Masculine Psychology podcast with David Tian | Self-Criticism vs. Self-Acceptance

David Tian has a great approach to psychology as it pertains to men. This episode talks abotu finding the balance between accepting yourself, and criticizing yourself.

Sathiya Sam on Order of Man | Beating Porn for Good

Ryan Michler’s work at Order of Man is phenomenal, and we share it a lot because it’s relevant and helpful.

This episode with Sathiya Sam talks about breaking pornography addiction. It’s a problem many men struggle with, and few talk about.

Senator Josh Hawley on the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast | Men and the Conservative Vision

When it comes to politics, there is so much vitriol that it’s difficult to stomach somedays. Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a conservative, and regardless of whether or not you “like” Josh Hawley, this episode will help you understand why conservatives like myself think the way we do.

Dave Mustaine on Rogan

This is an older episode from back in August, but I just recently listened to it. Mustaine is a rock icon, helped to found Metallica, then went on to form Megadeth and become one of the greatest heavy metal bands in history. He also talks about his faith, his family, and his perspective on the world.

Ryan Michler and his son Brecken talk about their moose hunt on the Order of Man Podcast

This episode is very different than Ryan’s other episodes at Order of Man – as he and his son recount their Moose Hunting adventure. I love the way Ryan and his son interact and joke with each other, and the story is entertaining and enriching.