Guest Post: Becoming an Eco-Friendly Man

Being eco-friendly and trying to save the environment isn’t an act of courage anymore – it’s an act of duty every single individual in the world has to perform. If we want to protect our world and save it for the next generation, making a change as soon as possible is the only thing we need to do. And the way to accomplish that is simple – be the change you want to see in the world and start by changing yourself first. So, if you too are thinking about becoming an eco-friendly guy, here are a few things you need to do.

Change the paradigm

One of the issues and difficulties you may be facing while becoming an eco-friendly man is the ruling paradigm that says that men aren’t even ready to become eco-friendly at all. Most of them consider this sort of behavior to be “unmanly” and beneath them, according to a 2017 study, and that’s the biggest problem you’ll have to address in this process
What you need to do, therefore, is change the paradigm and start thinking in another direction. Instead of perceiving sustainability as something that’s endangering your masculinity and making you weaker, start perceiving it as something that’s endangering your life and the lives of those you love. Once you do that and understand how serious the situation is, you’ll become ready to make a change and become sustainable and environmentally-aware.

Switch to recycled materials

Using recycled materials whenever possible is one of the best ways to take your sustainability to the next level. This is a simple hack that can go a long way and create a larger impact than you can anticipate. What’s great, though, is the fact that lots of people have already embraced a more sustainable lifestyle and are using recycled materials every single day.
This is why you should have no problems understanding why these materials are so useful and how you can make the most of them. Start by reducing the use of plastics in your daily life and switch to alternative options for your containers and storage solutions – glass, wicker, wood, etc. Also, if you’re skillful and handy, use recycled materials in your DIY projects. This is a great idea no matter what you’re designing and building, from art pieces with your children to home renovation projects.

Share your car

We all know that carpooling is one of the best ideas in the world, not just when it comes to eco-friendliness, but when it comes to saving money, energy, time, and gas. instead of wasting hours and hours behind the wheel every single day, you can reduce that by 80% and do that only once a week. So, find four friends, neighbors, or coworkers who are willing to carpool with you and you’ll start seeing the benefits in a matter of weeks.
If you’re already an avid carpooler, you can boost your efforts and do something even better – share your car! This concept is a new and innovative way to own a car without all the costs that come with this privilege, but also without endangering the environment that much. So, if you decide to check out the innovative car share concept, you’ll still be able to have a vehicle by your side whenever you want, yet spend less money than you normally would – and do your share when it comes to saving the environment!

Make your home more sustainable

In the end, this might be the ultimate way to become an eco-friendly man and protect Mother Nature. Making your home more sustainable might easily be the most effective approach you could opt for, especially if you want to make a visible difference in your living space and inspire everyone around you to follow your lead and do the same. That’s why this is a win-win scenario you simply have to explore, and it’s safe to say that this idea is easier to realize than you can imagine.
The number of different ideas and approaches is huge, and it’s up to you to pick the ideas that work for you the most and start turning them into practice one by one. Sometimes even the tiniest changes can mean a lot, and some of the things you might do to make your home eco-friendly include replacing your old light bulbs with those LED ones, weather-stripping your windows, and installing a smart thermostat.

Once you start putting these ideas into practice, you won’t just do wonders for the environment, but you’ll also become a more attractive man, as revealed in a 2020 study. So, stop procrastinating and start being more proactive – right now!