So you think you’re an introvert?

You feel youre introvert for several reasons

A.  Your quiet all the time

B.  You get uncomfortable around people

C.  Large crowds give you anxiety

D.  You don’t know what to say

E.  I am shy.

And so on and so on.

Well, here is the thing.  You may just be introverted, but when the opportunities to become social arise – that does not mean that you have to hide, cower, or be uncomfortable.

What if there was a way that you could address all these things?  You may not desire to be the “life of the party,” but you probably do desire to have some sort of comfort level in a group setting, social setting, or being out with friends?  Even family time might become bothersome – I have seen it and it broke my heart.  Luckily, I was able to reach out to that family member and assure that person their place in the family – but for some, its not so easy.  Some of you may not have someone to “come to your side” in those times.

Here I am – I am here.  Let me help you.

How can I help?

I have lost virtually all of my hearing – I wear a hearing aid.  For some of you – you think glasses is a “weird thing” try having people ask about your hearing every two seconds you are out at a party.  Try confronting a bully in a social setting who is being a complete prick to you because you cant hear them (men or a women) – get passed that.  

Yes, I understand – I could easily shut up and go in a shell and call it being “introverted.”  I dont buy it.  I wont accept it.  I look around and I see the person everyone likes is the person that could walk around the room and strike up a conversation.  No, not to say something, to listen.  That person is the life of the party, not the loud mouth.  The guy that can walk up, look someone in the eye, ask a question and get a positive response – that is the guy that “gets it” – he is the life of a party.

No matter who you are, introvert, extrovert, whatever – you can get someone to talk about themsevles.  Its easy!  

My program will help you understand that.  “How to Talk to Anyone” really is a masterpiece of incredible social skills!  ALL LEARNED IN THE FIELD!  All designed to work in the extreme conditions – wearing a hearing aid in a loud bar room, being ridiculed, etc (I wrote the story above).  Its all tested!  You can be assured it works.

Stop making excuses.  You can master this with easy application of the book principles.

Best of luck and KEEP TRYING!  

You can purchase “How to Talk to Anyone” by clicking the book below.