Preaching to the Choir – Video by Josh Hatcher

Most of the guys that are reading Manlihood blog posts and watching our videos are good men. Most of you are not sexually assaulting people, or parading around with your chests puffed out and shoving your masculinity in people’s faces. No – most of you men have already achieved a level of personal development.

Most of you are good men.

There might be a few brigands and rogues who stumble their way on the content we put out. GOOD! Sirs, if you’re a trouble maker – I hope you can learn from us!

If you ARE a good man though – we can always strive to be better. We can grow and learn and become better husbands, fathers, and leaders.

Any one of us, though, can get sucked into the wrong path. We can make one small bad decision that snowballs – and then we’re screwed.
Let’s strive for better. Let’s stay on track to be the best we can be.