Testicular Fortitude: Blood and Guts Part 2 | A Podcast for Men

In this episode of the Manlihood ManCast, Josh Hatcher talks about some dark, creepy, and gross things. There’s light, even in the darkness!

Testicular Fortitude

Testicles are gross. When you really think about how they work, they’re awesome, and they are gross. All you have to do is imagine Anthony Bourdain as he travels around the world, and inevitably, someone will serve him a dish of testicles from some native species, and he always says, “It tastes like balls. They always taste the same.”

We often describe someone with GUTS or GRIT as having “intestinal fortitude”-

I like to joke that someone with BALLS has “testicular fortitude.”

Let’s explore that. First of all, I’ve known women with more testicular fortitude than you can imagine – so I don’t mean to identify courage, strength, and honor solely with masculine specific parts, but I want to emphasize that there should be a correlation to having ACTUAL testicles and having BALLS.

I always thought that my brother had the most testicular fortitude of anyone that I knew. The kid was fearless. I watched him surf down a hill of crumbling shale on a big chunk of flagstone. It flipped over and took a chunk out of his hand. He bled and cried a bit, but it was worth it to have that kind of adventure. Another time he got in a bicycle accident that ended up with him getting hit in the testicles. The doctor told him not to ride his bike for awhile. That night, after icing down his sore gonads, he climbed to the top of the swingset and started walking it like a tightrope.

That was his behavior as a kid – he does show a little more responsibility as an adult, but he certainly hasn’t suffered from any “shrinkage” of testicular fortitude.

Questions to ask the modern man

  • Why is it that we settle for lives of comfort and safety?
  • Why do we NOT say or do the things that should be said or done?
  • Why are we content to watch adventures on television, or to play adventures on playstations instead of having the real thing?
  • Should we be okay with expecting other people to protect us, and not preparing to protect ourselves?
  • Why do we minimize risk and then complain about the little return that we receive?

We are men in need of testicular fortitude.

Are you NOT a man of courage? Do you feel you DON’T have the balls you need? It starts by making a goal for yourself, and then doing it. Courage is a muscle – and you have to exercise it.

Start by picking something that you didn’t think you could do – and then just do it.

A few weeks ago – I walked 15 miles in one day…. something I never thought I could do!

Maybe it’s an adventure sport, or just an adventure!

Maybe it’s a fitness goal – or asking a girl on a date.

Just start building that courage by taking small steps until those steps get bigger and bigger and build confidence.

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