Self Defense Seminar

Local Men Gather for Self Defense Seminar

Local men will gather this Saturday evening for a self-defense seminar in Bradford, PA. The event will be taught by local karate instructor, Michael Miller, and will teach basic elements of self-protection, including strikes, denses, and restraints.

The event is sponsored by, and is meant to equip men to better protect themselves and those around them. Manlihood founder Josh Hatcher says, “At Manlihood, we’re all about helping men be better men. I believe that includes learning how to be a protector, and how to stay safe against an attacker.”

Hatcher’s website has gathered a large following of men, and offers a podcast, and an online Facebook group with 1,300 men from around the country.  “Men want to do stuff. Not just talk about stuff. So this past year, we’ve had a number of local events where men can connect and have activities that help them build camaraderie, as well as learn skills that every man should know.”  

Miller is an international martial arts instructor and self-defense expert who has been involved with martial arts for over twenty-five years. He holds a 5th degree black belt in American Kenpo, a modern practical self-defense system.

The seminar is open to men 16 and up and will cost $8, and will be held at Miller’s Kenpo Karate Dojo on East Main Street in Bradford, PA from 5-6PM on Saturday.

For more information, contact Josh Hatcher at or via telephone at 814-636-0152

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