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Andrew Wright

Andrew G. Wright Sr. is the father of three amazing kids and husband to his beautiful wife, Carmen. Andrew works as an insurance salesman and authors his own self-published books available on Amazon.com. Andrew has a BS in Business Administration and a MBA in Management and Marketing. With a passion to help others because of his own life’s setbacks and trials, Andrew caters his books to assisting his audience in getting out of their own way by building confidence, self-esteem, and spiritual wholeness through Jesus Christ. Andrew gives personal perspective in his battles with depression, a weak self-image, self-esteem issues, and gives you concrete solutions to overcome the lies we tell ourselves in these areas of our lives. He is a firm believer that each of us has an amazing gift to offer this world. He is extremely excited and eager to help his readers achieve a life of fulfillment, inner strength, and to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Visit his website at : http://andrewwrightguru.wix.com/lifechange

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